About us

Launched in York in January 2017, Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. was set up in response to the rhino poaching epidemic in the Greater Kruger Area of South Africa.  By May 2017, we were registered as a legal entity and by May 2018, we had achieved full charitable status. 

The aim was to help to secure rhino in the area for future generations through supporting rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned calves, backing anti-poaching initiatives, black rhino breeding, and engaging local communities through a variety of education and support projects.  We also support and help to conserve other endangered animals through raising awareness and education.

Rhino Revolution UK Ltd is focused on the heart of South Africa’s greatest rhino population – the Greater Kruger Area, which includes Kruger National Park, and the adjacent ‘corridor’ of Private Nature Reserves, and consequently is at the epicentre of the poaching crisis.  However we do also consider projects from further afield if it aligns with our objectives/mission.

We have volunteers and supporters across the length and breadth of the UK, including several businesses and universities which we continue to work with to help raise awareness and provide educational projects.

Donations from our fundraising have allowed us to provide almost 2million Rand in support to projects and initiatives in the Greater Kruger area including:

  • Community Education work by Nourish, Green Kids and Koru Camp
  • Rhino Revolution’s facility and endangered species rescues running costs
  • Multiple horn trimming procedures
  • Rhino Relocations
  • Anti-poaching Dog training and Care
  • Anti-poaching initiatives by Pro Track
  • Anti-poaching Horse Care
  • Anti-poaching equipment