Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. currently has six diverse Trustees, all people who are devoted to the cause of rhino conservation and committed to the development of Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. and its aims. Apart from attending and participating in the yearly meetings and AGM, they are continually working to support Rhino Revolution UK Ltd., as well as responsible for approving all funding requests, and ensuring our independence in decision making.  All Trustees work pro bono for the Charity.

Coming from a range of backgrounds and experience the Trustees between them combine the required skills to ensure Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. (RR-UK) continues to develop and meet both their aims and regulatory requirements.

The Trustees are:

  • Patsy Stagman

    Patsy has lived all over the world, but her home in Kruger National Park and her love of wild Africa have remained a steady theme. She is a firm believer in the importance of education and awareness in conservation and that the future of Africa’s wildlife lies in the hands of all the people on our planet. As Rhino Revolution’s International Development Manager, she started RR-UK in January 2017. Now living half of every year in York, and also a trustee for Rhino Revolution in South Africa, she has been involved in all aspects of Rhino Revolution since its inception. She is our prime spokesperson and educator on rhino conservation.

  • Suzan McKeever

    Suzan McKeever is Rhino Revolution UK Ltd.’s Treasurer and a long-time supporter of rhino conservation. Suzan found Rhino Revolution in Dubai back in 2014 after a trip to South Africa left her wanting to do something to help the plight of rhino. A former Psychiatric & General School Nurse she soon found a whole new set of skills to help fundraise. Since joining Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. she has made further trips back to the facility. Seeing the first rewilded crash of orphaned rhino released and behaving like wild rhino reiterated the importance of the work that we do.

  • Glyn Abba

    Glyn is a Chartered Accountant and works as a part-time Finance Director for several small and medium sized businesses across the Midlands. After visiting South Africa in 2017 he was inspired by the work that Patsy and her colleagues were doing for the charity in South Africa so when the opportunity arose to become involved with the development of Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. he volunteered willingly. Glyn deals with the financial management of Rhino Revolution UK Ltd..

  • Steph Walsh

    Steph is a small animal veterinary surgeon based in the North West of the UK. Steph fell in love with Africa and it’s wildlife on her first visit ten years ago and has visited the continent at every opportunity since then, both to travel and to volunteer her veterinary services. After a month volunteering at the Rhino Revolution orphanage in Hoedspruit in June 2019, Steph went on to climb Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Rhino Revolution UK. She is delighted to continue to help the rhinos in her position as trustee for Rhino Revolution UK Ltd.

  • Kimberley O’Neill

    Kimberley has always been a firm advocate for raising awareness of Conservation issues and being the voice for the voiceless.  Kimberley has been involved with Rhino Conservation since she was at university.  With an Animal Biology BSc and Wildlife Biology and Conservation MSc she is well placed to bring fresh insights and experience into the team.

  • Imelda Bell

    Imelda Bell is a photographer, author and creative who was born in South Africa and has a passion for African wildlife and conservation.  Rhino Revolution UK came across a rhino image she had created, and soon Imelda started using her photography, IT, Graphic design and writing skills to help the charity. She has created several children’s books pro bono and all profits go to Rhino Revolution UK.  She is very excited to continue her work with Rhino Revolution UK as a trustee.