The work of our volunteers can be split into 2 main areas.

• Awareness
• Fundraising to support approved funding requests.

Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. have made presentations to a variety of audiences (schools, universities, PROBUS clubs, private functions, & Global March For Elephants, Rhinos & Lions in Edinburgh, 2017).  Presentations have helped us publicise the work our fundraising supports and to enlist new volunteers.  From Tea Afternoons’s to Corporate Events we are happy to speak about our work to save iconic species and explain how you too can be involved.

Fundraising is central to our work and our team have carried out numerous different events on our behalf, suitable for all ages and physical abilities.  Supper Clubs, Half Marathons, Golf Days, Race Nights, Endurance Races, Skydiving, team & individual cycling, Tea Afternoon’s, raffles and quiz nights, event stalls and donation of artwork, photographs or business services have all helped us support work in line with our mission statement.

Thanks to our volunteers, we have donated to the cost of security cameras, a canine anti-poaching unit, day-to-day running costs of the Rhino Revolution rehab facility, our Community Education partner, Nourish, and anti-poaching company, Pro Track.  We have also helped pay for dehorning of rhino whilst in the care of Rhino Revolution and in the surrounding area, under advice, and as a security measure.

UK Volunteer fundraising also allowed us to purchase supplementary feeding as a precaution against drought in an area where calves had been released.

Our Volunteers have sourced photographic equipment (old and new) and sporting kit (old and new) to aid other community education projects with Wild Shots Outreach and local football leagues.

All our work is dependent on the activity and commitment of our volunteers to ensure free roaming rhino in the Greater Kruger Area.