Antipoaching measures are extremely expensive and have been steadily increasing over the years as poachers get more brazen. We have supported a number of initiatives and equipment, including the purchase, training and continued care of a specialist dog, Vulcan; infrared binoculars; and multiple horn trimmings. Horn trimming, although does not provide a long-term solution, we believe it deters poaching activity, particularly when it is publicised that the reserve has de-horned its rhino.

Uniquely, since 2012, we have supported the use ex-racehorses for anti-poaching patrols on the Blue Canyon Conservancy, as the mounted guards can reach areas inaccessible to vehicles silently and efficiently. They can also look out for any signs of criminal intent from the elevated field of vision that horseback provides.

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The most trafficked and persecuted animals on the planet – 62 tons of scales are sold on the world markets each year and numbers are critical.  The Rhino Revolution facility in South Africa, now closed, received rescued pangolins from thwarted poaching’s and rehabilitated prior to release.  This was extremely difficult and challenging work and without dedicated staff these persecuted creatures would certainly not make it back into the wild.  Although the facility is closed and there is no longer the ability to do the rehabilitation work, we do still provide grants for work to conserve these amazing animals.

Some of the individual stories behind these rescued pangolin can be found under the Vet Nurse Diaries section of this web site.

Aura is back in the wild!

This is one of those rare and wonderful posts!!! You have all followed Aura since she arrived many months ago, as a young rescue, from the illegal trafficking trade.Under weight and traumatised it has been a long and demanding road for our vet nurses.Good rains – and ants – have enabled her release into a secure and optimum location.For everyone wearing an Aura necklace this is what it is all about – wear it with pride!! With your help we can continue this difficult work.She has spent her first night out and is thriving. This is her busy….doing what every pangolin does best – as she is released into her new life. We will keep you updated.Go well Aura – we are all cheering for you!

Posted by Rhino Revolution on Tuesday, 5 March 2019