Rescue, Rehab & Release Orphaned Calves

On world rhino day we would like to celebrate 10months of our first crash of rhino calves being released back into the wild where they belong, since opening in 2015.We are so proud to be able to say we raised, rehabilitated and released these poaching victims into the Wild with existing adult rhino, so they can go on to breed and contribute to the wild population.It is our aim for all rhino passing through our facility to go back to the wild, we have achieved this by maintaining a closed facility method; meaning no paying volunteers or tourists. This comes at a massive cost to us but we do it for the best interest of the rhino. If you would like to donate to support a legit NPO and help cover our security costs for these 5 released rhino and for those in our facility, please visit our website rhinorevolution.orgThankyou all for your ongoing support and coming together for rhino. #together4rhinos#rhinoorphange#rhinorehabilitation#rewildrhino#rhinoprphans#wildandfree#rhinorevolution

Posted by Rhino Revolution on Friday, 21 September 2018

A world class rehabilitation facility provides the orphans with a chance to overcome the trauma of a poaching incident, in a protected environment.  In 2017 a fully accredited quarantine facility was added to our existing rehab facility.

Within hours of capture, the Rhino Revolution team will have the traumatised animal housed in a safe environment with the appropriate veterinary care.  Our in-house full time registered RCVS trained veterinary nurses work under guidance from the relevant local big game veterinarians.

Our aim is to raise the orphans to be released back into the wild as undomesticated, self-sustaining animals.  To achieve our mission, minimal human interference is crucial, and the orphanage is not open to the public.  We therefore cannot rely on funding by using the orphanage as a paid tourist attraction.  The facility is highly secure, situated within the Blue Canyon Conservancy, with electric fencing, lighting, intruder alarm systems and watch towers with 24-hour armed guards.  All the orphans have been de-horned as a deterrent to poaching.

The orphanage opened in September 2015 – and three weeks later we had our first arrival.  By August 2017, we had five rhino calves in our care.  All have been successfully raised, weaned and continue to thrive in a benchmark non-commercial facility.

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