Anti Poaching Dog

Anti poaching dogs are a valuable addition to any anti poaching team and after a careful selection process by Kilo9 kennels, who are experts in training anti-poaching dogs, can we introduce you to YOUR dog! 

Choosing the right dog out of 2 brothers

He is a Dutch Shepherd and only 7 months old, so is just coming into his prime. Everyone who has made a donation to Rhino Revolution UK in the last year has a share! 

Purchase, training, vet costs, food etc for a year – the whole project is all funded by us through your kind donations.

Meet the new addition to the Rhino Revolution Anti Poaching Unit

Security is a high priority as ever – especially with calves on the way – and dogs are yet another layer. Unlike past ones this will be our own – fully funded by RR-UK – and working alongside Protrack and Rhino Revolution staff.

As you can see Anna was smitten on first introduction.

Anna meeting our new dog.

The dog  will remain at Kilo9 Kennels for his basic training and then go on to train with the guards and Phillip from Rhino Revolution in South Africa and move to his new home next to the rehabilitation centre. He will become a mascot for The Crash, our rhino educational portal, and we are so exited to see his progress.

Training starts with Socialisation

His name has not been decided yet, but there will be a big reveal in the next few days, so keep your eye out for the announcement.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated and made this possible.