Auction – Framed Rhino Print

David Shepherd sold a painting in 1990 which enabled the foundation to buy a female black rhino, Shibula, from Lisbon Zoo and return her to the wild. She mated with a wild bull and in September 1994 a calf was born. This was the beginning of a successful conservation programme. I have now been kindly donated a signed,limited edition print of this painting by the Marloth Park Wildlife Fund.It is init’s original (slightly damaged) frame.
Painted for rhino conservation – donated for rhino conservation – we are now offering this beautiful print for auction carrying on this tradition. We will ship anywhere within the UK or elsewhere in the world at the buyers expense.
Please open your hearts and let this print do what it was created to do! Let’s open the bidding at £100. Auction to close on the 1st March.
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Bids can be made by contacting: