Burns Night a Success in Aberdeen!

This week RR-UK were fortunate enough to be the beneficiaries of a wonderful Burns Night in the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom. Above is the wonderful line up of entertainers along with the host for the evening, Charles Henderson. Jim Brown, Charles Henderson, Gordon M Hay, Paul Anderson, Pam Rotherhoe-Hay, Jennie Chalmers, Shona Donaldson, Rae Jappy, Robbie Shepherd and Robert Lovie. (Jim Smith partially hidden behind Jennie Chalmers) – in the photograph.

Including auction prize pledges, £11,571 pounds or 223,000 Rand has been raised for RR-UK at this dinner hosted by The Henderson Family! What an incredible effort for rhino conservation by many people who are unlikely to even have the opportunity to see a rhino in the wild. THANK YOU! We will put every last pound to work.

Rhino Revolution UK also took this opportunity to give their gratitude to the Henderson family for all of their support, as a symbol of this they were presented with this wonderful painting by artist Dinah Francis.

Dinah Francis with her beautiful piece