Lockdown Kilimanjaro Climb

After completing the real thing last year, Stephanie Walsh decided to walk the same distance (on the same dates) again, albeit without the altitude, all while adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines.  On day one she walked through greenery with birdsong for 7km instead of 6, in the rain, leaving Ubuntu at home.  On day 2, it was dry so she ventured to Delamere forest for 9km instead 8, with Ubuntu, tagging along.  On day 3, the weather wasn’t great but she got the 14km completed (Ubuntu staying at home again – that boy really doesn’t like getting wet!).  Day 4 saw the sun come back out and the views towards North Wales over the 12km was better than expected.  Day 5 was back down to a smaller distance of 5km through the Forest of Bowland.  On day 6, again was a short distance of 4km but stayed local.  Day 7, last day, Steph walked along the coast and got the train home.

Donations were sent through JustGiving.