What our volunteers say

“Never has there been a more important time than now to fight for the survival of this truly majestic and iconic species……the rhino.” – Caroline Briance

“Rhino Revolution are true Rhino warriors, people dedicated to protection, survival of the Rhino.  Doing nothing is not an option for me, my heart soul, and passion to go the extra mile, to ensure this iconic species live on.  We are privileged to share the planet with the Rhino and must do all we can to ensure the Rhino live on.” – Helen Simcox

“Conserving rhino populations has been a passion of mine since I volunteered a couple of years ago at a game reserve in South Africa.  Working with the highly endangered species and seeing them up close is the reason I have my degree in animal conservation today.  It made me realise that us as individuals can influence their existence and Rhino Revolution UK has made me feel proud, and we can achieve this.”  – Mia Leen

“I was proud to do the London Half Marathon walk with my friends.  It was such a small thing to do to try to help rhinos to survive and yet we raised more than a thousand pounds, and I knew that money was used straight away!” – Mike Coe

“There’s something completely captivating about rhinos; seeing and photographing them in the wild is a truly fantastic experience.  Ever since my first visit to the Rhino Revolution facility in South Africa I have involved myself with Rhino Revolution UK.  For me it’s vital we raise awareness, educate and protect these wonderful animals for future generations.” – David Harrison

“I became involved with Rhino Revolution UK as just over 10 years ago I had the opportunity to hand rear an orphan white rhino.  This was a life changing experience.  Since then, I have a huge fondness for rhinos.  In my position as a lecturer and HE academic leader for curriculum and students, I am able to share Rhino Revolution UK’s mission with a large student base all of which are studying to come into the zoo/conservation field.  Rhino Revolution UK have now been involved with Askham Bryan for many fund-raising activities and awareness programs, to enhance the good work Rhino Revolution UK do for the endangered species.” – Rob Wilson

“As a family involved in conservation of endangered species, Rhino Revolution UK is a project that’s great to be involved with, especially as it’s also educating, protecting and helping its partner beneficiaries such as Nourish and Pro Track.” – Rae Fermor

“Having spent the last three years volunteering with wildlife in South Africa, including the care of a white rhino calf, my interest in the conservation of this species was sparked.  Rhino Revolution UK has given me the opportunity to feel as though I can make a difference, despite being so far situated from the problem, by going to local schools to educate on the plight of the rhino.”  – Ella Keeling