Gordon Pembridge prints

Painting by Internationally renowned artist Gordon Pembridge, Rhino Revolution’s first 5 rehabilitated orphaned white rhino calves. Painting is named The Lucky 5.

Gordon spent a long time with Rhino Revolution in South Africa to observe the orphans, in the wild, and their environment in order to get all the details correct. He then spent almost a year completing the magnificent painting above.

The original painting has already sold but there are Limited edition prints available for Rhino Revolution South Africa and Rhino Revolution UK supporters, at a special discounted price, with a generous donation going towards the costs of our Rehabilitation programme.

There are several options and sizes to choose from with limited numbers of each. Gordon is taking orders directly at: gordon@gordonpembridge.com

All prices are in NZ dollars (exchange rates vary):
Archival cotton rag:
600×250 $350 (100 Prints available)
900×400 $495 (50 prints available)
1400×580 $750 (20 prints available)

Canvas un-stretched:
1500×540 $950 (10 prints available)
2000×730 $1500 (5 prints available)

Canvas print and stretch:
1500×540 $1850
2000×730 $2500 

Get in touch with Gordon and arrange yours before they are gone!

Gordon is part of a group called Artists for Conservation which is a Canadian charity bringing “500 artists from 30 countries in the nature/wildlife art genre, who are committed to conservation” together. More information about this group can be found at the AFC website which also has a dedicated page to each artist, including Gordon.

For more information about Gordon and his work you can visit his website

Gordon Pembridge’s painting with the high quality prints that he is selling.