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Black Rhino Fertility Check

Ultrasound and blood tests have been taken, to help us understand this black rhino cow can be treated to improve her fertility. Funded by Rhino Revolution UK!!! 

The veterinary report has recommended hormonal treatment, using “drop-out” darts, to avoid having to tranquilise her again. We will keep you updated.

Ultrasound scan on a black rhino

As black rhino are Critically Endangered – every rhino counts. Fingers crossed that we can resolve her fertility issues and encourage a new pregnancy – her suitor is keen!!!


The black rhino is examined for fertility issues.

Update on Vulcan

Our dog, Vulcan, is coming along with his training.

He is on week three of his intensive training with Protrack guards and Phillip from Rhino Revolution – all funded by RR-UK

Thank you to everyone for your support in being able to get this magnificent animal added to our team on the ground helping us to protect and conserve rhino in the wild.

Educating the next generation

One of our missions is to educate the next generation and local communities…

This is one of the sessions that was held with our team in South Africa.

Karabo tells us more:

“Today’s lesson was about the Big Five and I had especially the activities we did, I put them into groups and played the sound and each group to raise a hand to answer gets 2 points.  I then picked a group to tell me a random fact about that animal, they get another 2 points.  If they get it wrong, the other groups get the points.”

It sounds like they had fun!