Looking Back at 2021

It has been a difficult year with Covid and the challenges that it has brought across the world. For a charity like Rhino Revolution UK (RRUK), who fundraises all of our income, it has been especially hard with the lockdowns and closure of public events which we would have attended. Despite the difficulties we, with the help of our supporters and donors, have achieved an unbelievable amount of projects this year.

These include:

Antipoaching Measures, with the purchase and specialist training of our K9 unit, Vulcan and the purchase of specialist infrared equipment for use in the helicopter.

Vet bills for the patrol horses and the dehorning of the Lucky 5.

Species conservation via the funding of fertility treatment for the black rhino cow.

Education via various trips to Kruger National Park for the children and adults of the local area, many of whom have never seen a rhino and are now part of the revolution to save them.

We have also used the skills of two of our trustees in the setting up of a dedicated Rhino Revolution UK children’s educational portal on our website (https://thecrash.co.uk/) with free membership packs for children.

We have also created various bespoke merchandise items including our researched and entertaining children’s books to be found on our web shop (Www.rhinorevolution.org.uk/shop) which we can have shipped internationally if you get in touch. 

We would like to remind everyone that we couldn’t do what we do without the generosity of our donors and supporters, and that the RRUK Trustees are all volunteers who all donate their time and varied skills.  

We welcome interest in participation at any level from anyone resident in the UK – please just contact us!

All funds raised are moved quickly to relevant projects and are carefully monitored, with the absolute minimum of admin costs, and no salaries or office rental.

We always welcome lots of questions and are happy to provide feedback at all points.

We are small but we think that we are making a real contribution from afar.

From everyone here at RRUK, thank you all for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.