Nourish funding

Rhino Revolution UK are delighted to announce we have granted another funding request received from

Our donation will support 4 Kruger field trips which will give 40-48 schoolchildren a chance to see wildlife up close and learn about its benefits and potential. Trips include visits to Letaba Elephant Hall, KNP Learning Centre’s or the Educational Museum at Satara. Talks by SANParks staff are also part of the trip. The students are given a Quiz Sheet, which includes rhino-related content as well as general animal content. It is a full day, including game drives. Funds will be used for printing indemnities, calling schools to organise, fuel for fetching, field trip, and dropping off, and a Learning Quiz sheet for the learners to fill out during the trip.

The funding will also allow for a 5 day Green Kidz Camp which will include food for the learners, activities including permaculture gardening & animal kindness, tracking, and scouting.  Rhino & Pangolin toolkits to integrate into the weeks conservation education program are currently being worked on.  Each learner (8-10 learners) will also receive a take home T-shirt ( I am a Rhino/Pangolin Bodyguard) and Certificate for attending the Green Kidz week camp, as well as a Bongis Quest Book ( or similar). Funds will be used for food, resources, educational tools and printing, and the take home educational gifts for the learners.

We look forward to receiving feedback on the children’s experiences, questions and interaction as this is a key tool in protecting wildlife for the future, engaging youngsters, offering new insights and stimulating their interest.  The practical learning tools of recycling, gardening and agriculture are key to improving lives.

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