Rhino Revolution needs your help to continue dehorning!

A short appeal video from the facilities Manager, Anna Mussi, in South Africa

Despite a severe lockdown in South Africa, the Rhino Revolution team are all still hard at work. With the safari industry having closed down virtually overnight, and many, many people facing economic hardship, we are very concerned that poaching will escalate. As a result, the RRSA team have scaled up their anti-poaching patrols and the Orphanage & Rehabilitation facility stays open.

However, we really hope we DON’T receive any new rhino orphans!

Although the facility and the team are world class and have an enviable track record with re-wilding orphans, we all believe that the very best place for any young animal to be is with its mother – so we are being pro-active about trying to enable this to continue. One of the most effective ways to deter poaching is to dehorn all the rhino on the local reserves. Unfortunately with tourism curtailed, the reserves are struggling to fund this. So Rhino Revolution (South Africa and UK) is coming to the rescue! We are launching an URGENT joint campaign to raise funds so we can continue this vital dehorning programme. All funds raised go directly to rhino protection. Please help us keep South Africa’s rhino safe during this pandemic….and beyond.

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