Jonathan Patterson hand drawn calves

Johnathan Patterson has captured the first 5 rhino calves to complete Rhino Revolution’s rehab and release program in a set of stunning inked drawings.

Ubuntu, Nkonzo, Ringo, Masingitta and Chipoko appear in a unique and original way; bringing the humble ballpoint pen to the forefront of bringing Africa’s wildlife to life.

Born in a town just outside Johannesburg, Johnathan has exhibited internationally in private & public exhibitions.  His work can be found at websites under his own name and that of Into The Kruger.

Johnathan draws by hand with pen and ink and uses a unique variation on the hatching technique. The pen is used to apply ink to canvas surfaces using small variations in the circular pattern to create contrast and account for depth & shadow.

Johnathan also loves to paint in various mediums especially acrylic, he specialises in landscapes, trees and wild animals with this medium.

The inked drawings have also been featured in a pack of cards which are also available from us at the following link: Jonathan Patterson Pack of rhino cards






Each framed drawing costs £120 including postage – these are originals.

You could purchase the complete set of 5 for £550 including postage.

The 5 individually framed prints are 21″ by 17″ in size and can be ordered here:

Jonathan Patterson Drawings