Vet Nurse Diary – Aura

“It was a windy night when the phone rang…

Hemmersbach Rhino Force has seized a pangolin from the trade and was on their way to Provet Wildlife Services, our rehab team proceeded out in the gale.

‘Aura’ Latin for wind luckily seemed in a stable condition, she had food in her stomach and X-ray showed no obvious injuries.

Due to Auras size and weight we suspect she would of still been with mum, so she would require a long rehabilitation process to maintain her weight and blood parameters.

Over some time and intensive monitoring of Aura with Provet we have watched her bloods and weight fluctuate, the reason is unsure and so much unknown about this species but with guidance and support from African Pangolin Working Group and Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital Aura has been treated day by day symptomatically.

Aura has had the worlds first pangolin to pangolin plasma transfusion thanks to ‘China’ and Dr. Karin from Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital and we are doing all we can to keep her medically and physically strong, this little lady has a long road to recovery but is being given the very best chance.’

Successful rehabilitation of pangolins that have been held by poachers is VERY low.  Rhino Revolution are now importing very expensive ant eater zoo food supplements from the UK to try to build her and the others up.

This idyllic scene is deceptive – this is Aura – underweight,dehydrated and learning how to feed again. Whilst in the rehab process they are guarded by their carers and security teams to keep everyone safe prior to re release

Meeting the nutritional needs of a pangolin is a major aspect of a successful rehabilitation, so what better way to achieve this than to take them foraging and let a pangolin do what a pangolin does best!

Aura enjoying some warmer weather and delicious ants.