Vet Nurse Diary – Kunja at his soft release site

After SAPs made an arrest and Kunja had been confiscated, he was taken to ProVet for initial stabilisation and we continued his rehabilitation.

Kunja was 7.5kg on admittance and in relatively good body condition. Although still classed as juvenile with his growth plates not yet closed we hope he grows into a beautiful big male.

He had extensive snare wounds along with other medical complications that were successfully treated.
With his blood parameters being monitored closely and showing positive improvements since admittance, he was fitted with telemetry monitoring gear by the African Pangolin Working Group.

He seems relaxed, eating well, stable weight and normal motions. All going well we plan to release him properly in the next few days with an intense monitoring programme following his progress.

We are super proud of our boy and want to say a special “Thank you” to Dr Karin from Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital for all your medical advice, to African Pangolin Working Group for all your guidance and support throughout his rehab and release, and to all staff at Provet Wildlife Services Provet Companion Animal Hospital for being there day and night.