Vet Nurse Diary – Nubia

Nubia this beautiful lady was named after the golden goddess due to her perfect golden scales, she came to us in a very sorry state, like so many others was rescued from the illegal trade.

She arrived at Provet Veterinary Hospital with a distinctive smell to her and watermelon seeds between scales indicating she may of been kept with water melons. It seemed she had been a long period of time in a fluid substance as her skin had began to turn white and softened.

She was severely compromised with a bad case of dehydration and pneumonia, all as a result of the horrific conditions and stress she must have endured during her time in captivity.

We are sorry to report she was lactating so we suspect she was taken from her pup.

That first night we feared for her life, with all the medical intervention possible carried out, the rest was up to her.

The following morning it was a big sigh from all the team that she was looking a lot stronger, there was still a long way to go with treating the pneumonia and pulling her through her ordeal.

Since then she responded well to treatment and we are pleased to say if her progress continues like this she will soon be cleared by her wonderful vets and released back to where she belongs.

We will keep you posted on how she progresses as she is fitted with GPS and VHF monitoring equipment which is vital to ensure she has the very best continued support during the soft -release process.

The monitoring equipment although costly at (R21,000 per pangolin) is necessary as it will enable us to contribute to the vital need for further research done on the wild population of this precious species.