Vet Nurse Diary – Rampfy

Meet Rampfy:

Named after the vet that came across him all alone on a tar road.

When driving from home early one morning she spotted at first what she thought was a pangolin ornament in the distance, as she approached she realised this was no souvenir, but a baby pangolin.

As luck would have it this lady was a local vet, she scooped the little terrified bundle up whom now was shivering from the cold and fear of being all alone in the road and wrapped him up and put him inside the warmth of her car.

Before driving off she had a thorough search around for his mother with the fear that maybe she had be hit by a car and was also near by in need of assistance, with no sign of mum she immediately contacted Provet Wildlife Services and us at Rhino Revolution.

All the teams swiftly came together and started his triage at the practice, on arrival he was dehydrated and hypothermic; to a tiny baby these can be fatal, more worryingly on further examination he showed signs of concussion and contusions to his lungs. It seemed there had been some type of blunt trauma event whilst curled up in the protective ball position and the back of his head and tip of tail scales were bleeding from what we can only suspect were caused by hitting the tarmac with some force. He was treated with fluids and medication for all of the above.

Since arrival he has come on leaps and bounds and has bonded with his new surrogate mothers, due to his size and age this little guy is still on milk and taking it well.

With regards to his missing mother we sent a rapid response unit out with specialised sniffer dogs to further carry out a search of the area he was rescued but sadly there was no sign of her.