Vet Nurse Diary – Mamalia

Mamalia’s story is filled with many emotional ups and down, so let us start at the beginning…

When she was rescued she was found in a dire situation; being held and transported inside of a sack.   
The sack restricted her ability to move and breathe properly as part of the sac was tightly around her throat to a point that she was slowly suffocating.

Her rescuers from Hemmersbach Rhino Force jumped into action and immediately removed as much of the sac as they could, this allowed her to be able to breathe freely again and rushed her for emergency life saving treatment at Provet Wildlife Services

During her examination and stabilisation, it was detected by x-ray that she was pregnant. Her vets immediately took action and adapted her treatment plan and care as there was now not one but two life’s to be saved.

An ultrasound confirmed the foetus was alive with a strong steady heart beat.

She was stabilised and taken into our facility and settled into her new holding area set up to keep her as stress free as possible.

A plan was set in motion she would be released as soon as possible back into the wild with close monitoring enabling her to have the baby in a natural environment giving them both the best chance.

The plan was taken out of our hands…on the second morning after arriving at the facility on a routine morning check we had a rather big surprise or little we should say. Opening her box there was a curled up Mumalia fast asleep with a little pink face of pangolin pup just visible, safe inside the shield of his mothers curled up body around him.

Quickly and quietly we backed away from this little surprise and left the mother and son in the safety of their den to bond. With the ability to still monitor the progress via the non invasive CCTV cameras that are ours eyes in the sky, for what goes on when we’re are not there.

We had hoped and prayed for the best for the both of them….
Vet Nurse Diary with follow up

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