Rhinos need your help!

“Jock the Destroyer”
This is our dominant black rhino bull. He is on constant patrol and regularly replenishes his middens. He has the nickname after an altercation with a parked Nissan Patrol which he won.

Released “Lucky Five”
Still enjoying being in a crash this “family” of orphaned calves are now living  independent, wild and free but protected by our comprehensive security.
CCTV footage in our Sleeping pens
Two of our orphans, who have loved each others company since rescue and insisted on being constantly together, enjoy a slow start to their day.
Rhino Play Time
Our young orphans regain their sense of fun as they recover an d we do our best to keep them fulfilled as they grow.
Black Rhino Breeding success
Very secretive and protective, catching a glimpse of this highly endangered new calf makes everyones day.


The most trafficked animal in the world!

An Introduction to Pangolins
About two years ago the extreme plight of pangolins pushed us into the very specialised skills for rehabilitating and releasing pangolins. RR-UK has helped to fund telemetry for these animals.

ITV News Coverage of our Work
at last the world is waking up to the urgency to save these unique, harmless animals from extinction.

Community Outreach

We believe in a holistic approach to conservation and that combining resources with other respected NGOs helps us all to reach our goals. RR-UK has funded regular contributions to various outreach programmes.

From the archives RR-UK awareness and fund raising events from our fantastic volunteers!

Preparation for Micklegate Soap Box race
A wild dog waking up from anaesthetic after vets removed a snare