Following the poaching of two rhinos, Binky and Noelle, on Sibuya Game Reserve recently, a one-year-old calf named Mimi was left orphaned!

We may be a long way from Sibuya in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, but when we see rhinos suffering barbaric poaching again, despite good peoples very best efforts to prevent it, we feel compelled to offer help.  

The aftermath of a poaching is traumatising for all involved and urgent funding for the remaining orphaned calf is the priority.  

“Mimi” is now safely in an orphanage with the bullet wound recovering somewhat faster than her bewilderment.

We are proud at Rhino Revolution UK to fund her rescue and initial rehab costs and will keep you posted with her progress. 

Sibuya, the world is outraged and watching your challenges. You have our full support from afar.

Mimi, we sadly cannot bring back your mother, but many donors are happy to support your care as best we can.

Please donate to Rhino Revolution to help us support Mimi’s rehabilitation. Thank you.

Image credit to Luke Ashwell Beckmann from Sibuya.

Amongst all of the dark images, sometimes we need to step back and remind ourselves why we are all involved in this. 

The image above is the simple beauty of how it should be.

Taken before this months poaching, here is Noelle, herself a hand reared poaching orphan, and her calf Mimi, who we are now trying to fund back through her injuries, trauma and weaning.